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Alvarez Family The Alveraz Family foud a place to rest and recover while their son Hugo received treatment. Having a home base with a kitchen, bedrooms, and space for the family makes all the difference when the family has to stay for an extended period of time.

The Jacksons Face Flooding

Imagine being away from home, receiving medical treatment in another state. Missing your family and feeling weak, just trying to make it through the day. And then, the unexpected happens... On Christmas Eve, Executive Director Kim Burket received a call from Tannda Jackson and her husband, Steve. They…

The Graham Family Finds Rest Together

I was so grateful for a nice place to rest. During the whirlwind with the surgery and Elena’s recovery, I was still healing from the recent delivery. After two comfortable weeks (back and forth to the hospital), a family friend close to Little Rock heard about our situation and graciously offered her home. It was a huge blessing, and we stayed there until the baby was released, but we still reflect fondly on how relieved and happy we were to get that Goodness Village apartment. 

Van Gives Thanks for Blessings

Van Felter was our guest for over a month after receiving a stem cell transplant to treat his acute leukemia at UAMS Cancer Institute. His story reminds us how strong families can become when they face difficult times together.

Heartfelt Hope

Kevin Crawford and his family find hope and healing at Goodness Village. After his diagnosis of cancer, he at first stayed in a hotel but knew that was not where he and his family would be able to recover during treatment. Kevin had heard from a friend about…

St. James VBS Makes Waves

We had such a great time with St. James United Methodist Church at vacation bible school this week! Each day the students learned a little more about our mission and helped us bless our guests with goodness. "It was an incredible week of sharing our passion for providing…