Stories of Goodness

Patient Stories

Van Gives Thanks for Blessings

Van Felter was our guest for over a month after receiving a stem cell transplant to treat his acute leukemia at UAMS Cancer Institute. His story reminds us how strong families can become when they face difficult times together.

Heartfelt Hope

Kevin Crawford and his family find hope and healing at Goodness Village. After his diagnosis of cancer, he at first stayed in a hotel but knew that was not where he and his family would be able to recover during treatment. Kevin had heard from a friend about…

Getting the Call and Finding Goodness

Hugh Jones and his wife, Denise, have been waiting for a kidney transplant for Hugh these last three years. In July, he finally got the call. Denise tells us “Goodness is the right name. Because God gave us goodness and mercy when we met the people at Goodness…

Marico Sees Roses Among the Thorns

Marico Early had issues with her back for years so dealing with aches and pains was nothing new. It wasn’t until a shopping trip with her daughter that she took a hard fall that would change her life. After the fall she saw a doctor who ordered several…